Evolution in Motion

This blog/website is a reflection of my being and becoming. Having been on professional and personal hiatus for 2 years it is now time for me to put my hand to the clay and sculpt the vision of my dreams once again. These pages, like my life, are in constant evolution, undergoing a shift in focus and content.

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Blessings and Hugs
Martin Neufeld MTh., CHt.

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It Now Begins!

For years my personal mantra has been ‘Become the change that you want to see in the world.’ It has been and continues to be a beautiful journey of self-discover, reflection, choices and action. Having been on the road of realization and redemption for two years it now becomes obvious that my bliss is without a doubt helping others find and experience their own bliss.

Not a new idea, 6 years as a public-hugger sharing more than a quarter of a million hugs with total strangers and awed at the world-wide wave of free hugging that then followed has changed my life. How could it not have?!

Today karma yoga, action in the glory of God, has taken on a new meaning for me and has become the essence of my actions. Whether it be as a ThetaHealer® or Life Coach or performer or inspirational speaker or teacher or yogin or friend or lover giving of self through the grace of God to the service of my brothers and sisters is what brings meaning and joy to my daily experience.

It is so easy to get drawn into the trappings of our materialist ego-centered society, yet so challenging to maintain oneness with the Divine. Having just returned from 6 months of spiritual bliss in a secluded beach cave in southern India I am feeling disheartened and distant as I wander through this tangled unhinged matrix of lonely harried souls. Yet my path is clear for it is in this grey expanse of shadows and emptiness that the light within emerges to remind me that when ever darkness surrounds me it is at this time and in this place that light I must become.

Yes it now begins, again and again for it is NOW, forever more.

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