Evolution in Motion

This blog/website is a reflection of my being and becoming. Having been on professional and personal hiatus for 2 years it is now time for me to put my hand to the clay and sculpt the vision of my dreams once again. These pages, like my life, are in constant evolution, undergoing a shift in focus and content.

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Blessings and Hugs
Martin Neufeld MTh., CHt.

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1 Response to Evolution in Motion

  1. Dee Keith says:

    Good morning Monsieur!!!

    I remember seeing you in Old Montreal during a visit several years ago and I have not been able to forget you. Who could? You share such a wonderful, precious and rare gift that is desperately in need today. Your hugs have literally changed lives, including mine. Its so amazing what a simple hug can do for someones soul and you have been the angel appointed in performing this loving task. If every one on this planet was tuned into the same frequency as you, mother earth could finally bask in good vibrations! You are loved and appreciated…thank you with all my heart for the hug you gave to me!

    Boston, MA

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