Hypnosis / NLP / Time Line

As you may have already read I specialize in combining different techniques depending on you, the client’s specific needs. I will use whatever I believe to be the most effective and efficient methods to help you achieve your session goal. Below is a brief introduction to Hypnosis, Neuro-lingustic programming and time-line visioning.
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What is hypnosis ?
When you think of hypnosis, you may hold the image of the charismatic and ominous hypnotist widely fictionalized in popular culture. This mysterious man with the dark penetrating stare swinging a jeweled pendant back and forth, lulling his subject into a deep semi-sleep, zombie-like state. Once hypnotized, the subject is compelled to obey the hypnotizer, no matter how strange or immoral his request may be.

Fortunately for us the modern understanding of hypnosis clearly contradicts this dramatic representation on two main points. Firstly the subject in a hypnotic trance is not a slave to their “master”, for they in fact have absolute free will. Secondly, the trance-like condition induced by the hypnotist is not a semi-comatose zombie-like state at all, but rather in an enhanced state of awareness or focus in which you, the subject are alert. Though you are fully conscious throughout the session, the hypnotic trance state will make you extremely suggestible, relaxed and will heighten your imagination. As when daydreaming or being hyper-attentive you will tune out most of the stimuli around you, focusing intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought.

In this state, the conscious mind is quitted and the subconscious mind is revealed thus allowing the hypnotherapist to suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle adaptations to the client, the seeds of which become firmly planted in the subconscious mind. This is all done with the subject’s implicit consent before, during and following the session.

What is NLP ?
Neuro: Each individual has established their own unique mental filtering system for processing the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. Our first mental map of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as result of the neurological filtering process.

Linguistic: We then assign personal meaning to the information being received from the world outside. We form our second mental map by assigning language to the internal images, sounds and feelings, tastes and smells, thus forming everyday conscious awareness.

Programming: The behavioural response that occurs as a result of neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map that forms our conscious awareness.

Using proven techniques such as anchoring, new behavior generator, swish patterns, and future pacing NLP will enable you to break learned behaviors or habits and create new ones in a very short time. If, for example you struggled to get up early to practice yoga or run, before going to work or taking the kids to school then this would require conscious effort to counteract any mental resistance that you might have. If you persevered for 30 days then getting up and doing yoga would become a habit which required very little effort. Through NLP you will be able to shortcut this habit forming process so that you immediately begin to feel and thus be; motivated, confident, successful, happy, sexy,… or whatever else it is that you seek to feel or become.

What is Time-Line Visioning ?
Time-Line Visioning is a process by which we transform your perceived vision of your past, present and future time line into an actual road map on which you can physically travel. The journey will allow you to explore your past or past lives to resolve specific blocks, there by empowering you in the present to create a future that reflects your full potential and projected goals. This process combines trance, visioning, emotional anchoring, and active psycho-physical interaction along the time line itself.

Hypnosis, NLP and Time-Line Visioning are very effective therapeutic methods that, when used separately or together can quickly help you overcome many limiting habits and behaviors that enable irrational fears, phobias, negative thought forms, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs to be pulled, cleared and/or resolved.

How do you answer the following questions?
Do your fears or phobias keep you on the sidelines of life?
Do your habits or impulses control you? (smoking, sex, shopping, eating, nail biting …)
Do limiting beliefs and insecurity keep you from achieving your dreams?
Is chronic pain limiting your enjoyment of life?
Does stress and anxiety interfere with your work, sex life, social interactions…?
Are you prone to insomnia or restless sleeping?
Does public speaking or making presentations terrify you?
Does lateness impact your job or relationships negatively?
Are you forgetful? Do you often lose or misplace things?
Do you attract abusive, untrustworthy or controlling people in your life?

If you have answered yes to any one of the above questions call me today 514.516.3085 so that together we can get to the root of the issue at hand and resolve it in the highest and best way.

You can be confident that under my expert guidance your session will be a deeply relaxing, invigorating and rewarding experience. All your concerns or doubts will be dealt with before we begin. We will then journey together into the heart of your being to awaken the true potential of your becoming all that you desire to be.

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