Reiki & BodyEnergetics

Reiki is hands-on spiritual healing modality that uses sacred symbols and a receptive heart to amplify and direct the healing energy of Universal Love through the practitioner’s hands into the client’s body and energy field. Reiki is a powerful technique that can quickly reduce bleeding and swelling, alleviate pain and aches as well as bring relaxation and tranquility to body and mind.
Chakra balancing and harmonizing can also be done using Reiki.
Sessions are 60 minutes – $80
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Reiki Certification Courses are available on request.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapeutic Massage
Trained and certified in India as an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapeutic massage practitioner by an Ayurvedic Treatment Master from Kerala. This massage technique works through the entire body from head to toe and back again stimulating the nerve endings and opening the capillaries through each layer of skin and deep into the muscular tissue beneath.
Sessions are 60 minutes – $80
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Being a Reiki Master it was not long before I saw the benefits of combining Reiki and this invigorating yet soothing Ayurvedic massage. I call this hybrid technique BodyEnergetics. B.E. offers the client the best of both worlds body work and energy healing. First the nerves and tissue are stimulated to release toxins and tension. Then once the body is relaxed and the blood is flowing it is time to use healing energy to release energy blocks in specific areas, blocks that are held deep in the organism energy field. I use the massage to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow and Reiki to balance the chakras and harmonize the energy flow within the body.
Sessions are 90 minutes – $152
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