Individual session are available either in person, by telelphone or on the internet via Skype Video Conferencing.

Most of my ThetaHealing sessions vary between 45 to 150 minutes in duration. My phylosophy is that all healing is self-healing. My role is to facilitate Your healing in co-creation with Creator of All That is, the source of Divine Love. Once the session begins the clock stops ticking and I allow myself to be intuitively guided by Creator. All my skills will be at your service so depending what I intuit and what your objectives and needs are your session may also include hypnosis, nlp, and guided visualization. (see the Life Coaching section for information on hypnosis and NLP)

Each session includes:
– pre-session call
– Objective clarification
– Session
– post-session talk
– one follow up call

By telephone or Skype Video Conferencing:
During this session I speak directly to the individual concerned.

Visualized Distance Healing:
For this type of session suitable for a person that is, for whatever reason, unable to communicate directly with me. They are usually aware that a healing will take place and have given concent for me to work with them through Creator. A time is set when both the person and myself can connect energetically. The person receives the healing with a much grace and ease as is afforded them.
I will need the individuals name, location, a photo would be good, and the issue or situation that needs resolution or change.

Fees for in-person or distance healing sessions are the same and must be paid prior to the session booking via paypal.  Sessions that are canceled with a minimum 24 hour notice are not refunded but rather rescheduled ONCE ONLY.

Session fee: 172$ to be paid on line before session (when booking a Skype session)

Sessions deal with specific issues but allows for peripheral or associated issues to emerge and be dealt with as well. May include techniques to release specific emotional or psychological blockages and guided visualizations for manifesting or bring about forgiveness or acceptance. 

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