What is…

As a Master Neuro-linguistic Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor I have found that a client’s issues are as unique to their identity and so the therapeutic approach must reflect this uniqueness. Depending on a client’s needs I intuitively incorporate whatever modality or combination of modalities best suits the given situation in order to bring about deep, lasting and fast acting change in the client. By seamlessly merging deep theta trance states, visualization, parts integration, anchoring and energy healing I have successfully and quickly been able to reduce and remove physical pain and psychological and emotional blocks, generate new beliefs and feelings that supports the clients vision of wholeness and well-being.

I call this intuitive synthesis of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, time-line visioning, reiki and theta belief/feeling work TrancEnergetics Counseling™.


TrancEnergetics™: 90 to 120 min – 152$
Hypnosis: 45 to 60 min – 80$
NLP: 45 to 60 min – 80$
Reiki hands-on: 45 to 60 min – 80$
Reiki distance healing: 45 to 60 min – 80$
Spiritual & Lifestyle Counseling: 45 to 60 min – 80$

Certification Courses for Reiki levels l & ll are available on request.