Hugging Life

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Hugging Life: a practical guide to artful hugging

Hugging Life: a practical guide to artful hugging

“Original, engaging and profound…”

If you sometimes think to yourself, “I need a hug,” you may be more right than you know. Medical research has proven that hugging and loving touch in all its forms can help; reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate pain and depression, boost confidence and self-esteem and even lessen aggressive and anti-social behavior in children and teens.

This ground-breaking book reaches past society’s taboo on touching and brings an inspiring message to a world that has lost the ability to connect and communicate authentically with others in the most basic and important way… loving touch.

Through his innovative and pioneering work in “Compassionate Touch and Hug Therapy”, spiritual lifestyle coach and neuro-linguistic hypnotherapist Martin Neufeld empowers people to reconnect with their own inner beauty and live more fulfilling and joyful lives. Inspired by personal grief and tragedy, in 2004 Martin wrote Free Hugs on a sign and embarked on a mission to bring joy to his world, one hug at a time. Since then Martin has personally touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people for the better while traveling and working towards a kinder gentler world.

Inside Hugging Life, you will find:

• Inspiring stories from the life of a Free Hugs pioneer
• Five principles for developing authentic human connections
• How to tap into the energy of love and give memorable hugs
• Hugging tips to rekindle your romance and deepen intimacy
• An illustrated treasury of hugs – to suit any occasion
• Meditations on mindfulness, love and gratitude
• 21 days of Smiles – an adventure guaranteed to brighten your day
• Where the teddy bear fits into all of this

A powerful book that shows how hugging and compassionate touch can improve your health, your relationships and your well being; a fun, practical, hands-on guide to a better life.


«  Martin Neufeld’s book is proof that things we take for granted can matter beyond measure. He has turned the simple act of hugging into art, performance, sacrament, and magic. In our cynical world contact and intimacy are often disregarded, taken for granted, or reduced to the merely sexual. It is a great joy to know that there are those who still take the risk of living by what moves within them – call it human, call it spirit, call it ancient or new, daring, obvious, simple, and deep all at once. This book will help you to remember who you are  »
– Caitriona Reed, co-founder of Ordinary Dharma and Manzanita Village Retreat Cente

« The man’s journey is quite astonishing. His book expresses his profound knowing of the subject. The experience shared is unique and we would be stunned to see it serve in all circumstances. A sort opf how-to love for big city dwellers,. To discover the gentelness within ourselves. »
– Jean-Yves Girard, LE DEVOIR

«  Martin Neufeld’s book, Hugging Life, is a gentle, soulful and inspirational journey, not unlike one of his inimitable hugs. It’s his written hug to everyone who won’t have the lovely opportunity to receive the genuine article.  »
– Maurice Taylor and Seana McGee, psychotherapists and co-authors of The New Couple

« Through the magnificent telling of this adventure the reader is placed before their own openness, or lack of – to another. As stimulating as it is disturbing. »
– Lucie Dumoulin, CHÂTELAINE

« You make like the bees. How many hundreds of flowers drawn from to create but one spoonful of honey?! How much humanity, tenderness drawn from to write this magnificent book. »
– Pascale Montpetit, actress

« Street Artist ? Visionary ? Philanthropist ? Missionary ?
Martin Neufeld could be all this at once and so much more, the result of what he offers to the crowds that passes is no less formidable, so very useful in these times, that like us, are harried and hurried and having for the most part forgotten how to hug with heart and conscience those we love and cherish! »

– Évelyne Fiorenza, VOIR

A Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Graduation! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day!
Everyday is a perfect occasion to celebrate life! Hugging Life: a practical guide to artful hugging Offer yourself or another the gift of loving kindness and heartfelt tenderness. When you order my award winning book, Hugging Life: a practical guide to artful hugging, will be receiving a beautiful book inside and out that will lift your spirits and inspire your heart to share it’s love.
This delightful work or heArt in only available here on this website. Being a self-published author I appreciate your support.

Order copy of Hugging Life now with CC or PayPal! $20
(+ $7.50 shipping in CANADA ONLY)